We. the many, have to all wonder if it is still at all possible for us to ever find our way back from the present social and financial circumstances that we have been dragged into. Is there still some small way that we, as individuals and communities, can start to regain some control over our lives, and at the same time help to rejuvenate our local communities? Can we collectively, prevent the present economic systems that are in place, and the continued exploitation of the many, by the few, from continuing this economic control? But more importantly, do we, as individuals, within local communities, still have any time left to stop the economic clock from ticking? Tick, tick, ticking, down on the earth’s natural resources, whole countries, our worldwide food growing and distribution systems, and our personal economic opportunities – can we depart from this out of control “growth” train, or is it just too late for us, as individuals to do anything?


The only way that positive social change can be initiated within our existing social and financial structures is through our  individual efforts and some ongoing  (community) activity. Social change, as a community movement, needs to engage people, and groups with common interests, in an ongoing community dialouge. Social change needs to offer individuals, and groups, some viable and attainable social goals that will reflect the change that is desired by all the participants. The goals of the social changes that are proposed, will have to be “in common” to all of the change proponents, and they must provide equal benefits to all members of a community. This type of social cooperation, within any community, can only start when individuals in the community share their skills and ideas with each other for mutual benefits.


Most people on our planet are exposed on a daily basis, to the inequalities and the social inequities, that have become so entrenched in our community way of  life.  All of us, by now, should be consciously aware, that the “physical” form of human slavery, that once dominated the worlds economies for centuries, has now intentionally been replaced by a variant form of “economic” slavery – an organized financial slavery – that subjugates individuals in an even more repressive way.  The sting of the master’s whip that ensured past obedience is no longer needed, the master’s now have us (the many) by the wallet. It should be obvious, to the many, that of the financial institutions that continue to maintain this control over world economies today, have been put in place to help perpetuate the social and economic interests of the financially powerful few.  Present economic  circumstances and the financial controls in place around the world today do not, in any way,  help to provide any real social or economic benefits for the many. The few in control are just to busy preserving the “status quo”, while the many of us just continue losing ground – in a literal and a financial sense. Are you ready to jump the “perpetual growth train”?  Because if the history of those few who are in control of world economies tells us anything,  its that  – they have their own destination – and there are no stops  along the way.


The simple truth that is at work here is: ” there is really no “free” enterprise system for the average wage earner.  As a basic wage earner if you do not have access to “capital” within your own social and family frameworks, you will “only” have any access to any capital that is solely based on your existing assets and personal equity.  The “pledging” of your personal assets is the only way to enable yourself to participate in the “free enterprise system”. This fiscal requirement is designed to make the lender “pledge” their assets to a financial institution as collateral to obtain a “supply” of capital to “risk” on a free enterprise venture. Once personal collateral is “pledged”, the institution can then proceed (could describe credit card debt) to “funnel” the lender ever further into a web of “interest” and a game of “financial futility” that becomes “usury” to the benefit of the lender. This lack of access to unencumbered “capital”  is used worldwide to entrap individuals, whole countries, even whole societies,  into a web of artificial financial dependencies, that can last over lifetimes.

This “social financial” tactic that has been historically undertaken by the few who continue to remain in full control the worldwide money supply is not a “new” approach. Throughout human history there has always been an organized and consolidated control of human and natural resources by the few. This worldwide financial activity by the self selected few has been used, throughout our human history, to exploit both physically and financially, most of the earth’s inhabitants. But, some good news here, it isn’t all just doom and gloom. The present worldwide situation of financial control and exploitation by the few, of the many, comes gratefully to us with some hope.  Social change can come  –   that is why I have brought you here.  To give you the promise of  hope and optimism for yourself, your community,   for the future of your kids, and your grandchildren.  You see it’s easy. There is already a path to follow DHL 2

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