Why do we, the many, continue to tolerate the social and financial inequities?   

So, if it is so obvious the rampant culture of greed (greed is good) within the capitalist system, and within its corporate structures, have performed only in its own self interests for centuries, what can we, the many, do to help protect our communities from this predatory economic system in the future? Well, first our own personal recognition should be that capitalism, as it is practiced by the few, does not work in the best interests of the many. This very basic social recognition could become a major shift in our economic and social consciousness. As a wider society, we all have to accept that the whole economic premise of capitalism is simply put based on “monopolies and exploitation”. Historically, capitalism has been organized as an economic concentration of world power, a power exercised by the few who continue to exploit the world’s human and natural resources,  in the name of  “free enterprise”. Let’s face it, the economic structures of world capitalism, and the promises of “free enterprise”, have obviously not been placed in motion to pass on any real social benefits to the many. But, rather to just ensure the control of “free enterprise” by the few. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

It’s time to get back to the “basics” of  “sustainability” for our communities

Our social and political history should have taught our world leaders by now some very basic lessons with regards to human behaviour.  Our history should also have demonstrated to the powerful few that their ” human subjects” will react negatively to what is perceived to be purposeful intent to suppress our basic human rights like access to water, food, decent shelter, and the very basic personal needs of hope and optimism. In most historical cases the covert and the overt oppression of these basic human needs has brought about seemingly irrational responses in individuals, communities, and in many cases whole populations – populations that had formerly seemed to be accepting of their lot within our societies.  There exists on a social level, in all humans, a very fine line between our immediate “survival” needs and the hope of “living a healthy and meaningful life”.  Existing, on all of the social and economic levels of living as a human being on this earth, is not enough to provide human beings with a  “meaningful life”.  Human beings need time to create and explore. This type of necessary human activity will only be undertaken when our “basic needs” have been met on a continuing basis. Self help, combined with our social cooperation, can bring about a new future for humans that is not based on “exploitation” but rather “cooperation”. Positive social change can help deliver a much better future, community sustainability, personal optimism and hope, and social independence, human history has continually shown us that.  Capitalism cloaked in the false premise of  “free enterprise” has only ever brought us dependence, pessimism, and uncertainty about our future. But I’ll let you judge. Social change can come, all it needs is a PUSH.

Free enterprise does not provide the many with equality

In all fairness to the purveyors of free enterprise, the promotion of social and financial competition and exploitation within our communities is just a bit more complicated than some economic theory that is promulgated to serve the self interest the very few within our societies. Besides, the concept of  “free enterprise does not at all seem to be working well for the many” does it? It should be obvious to us by now that the economic concept of “free enterprise” has been historically highjacked by the few, the very few who continue to control the world’s money supplies. The simple truth here is that for the many, historically, social cooperation has proven itself to be a far more effective social practice for helping to provide the many among us, with our basic human needs than any other type of economic theories that the few can impose upon us. The present system of free enterprise costs us all on an ongoing basis. It has cost us all in the continuing deterioration of the worlds environment, our social conditions, our employment opportunities, our sustainability, and now it also threatens the very stable political aspirations that we thought we had for our own future, and that of our communities. Big is not better. Big has shown that. Big business just fails in a “bigger” way and takes our social hope and optimism with it. The present system of corporate and institutional bigness does absolutely nothing to foster any  social equality, on the contrary bigness, by its very essence, exploitation, and competition, helps to promote inequality among us.. You can decide for yourself if that is just sheer coincidence or …? Let’s face it, it’s time to get back to basics – community sustainability. Your community can become involved in this transition to sustainability, through some organized and very basic – local cooperation instead of local competition. A pipe dream. Maybe. But there is a road follow. If you are still with me please visit  Food Coop Initiative. They are working with hundreds of cooperative start-ups to help them to local success  DHL 5

You can reach them at:    http://www.foodcoopinitiative.coop

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