There are many promises that have been broken

Collectively we should, the many, be ready to ask this very basic question – that ” if the present economic theories are left to continue on their prescribed course (exploiting the many for the benefit of the few) why should we the many, continue to keep any “faith” in an economic system that is so broken and skewed in favour of the few”? Why do we the many, continue to keep faith in an economic system that is so obviously socially, structurally, and technically broken? It should be obvious to us by now,  that without any type of government (taxpayer) bail outs and financial intervention, this present economic system – this “bankrupt” theory of global economics – is not in any way keeping its promise to the many of us. Yet the proponents of this flawed capitalist “free enterprise” business model continue to move the obscene “profits”  of continued exploitation, to the very few? A social decision needs to be made here. Do we the many, through our inactivity and financial dependence, help to continue to facilitate the “status quo” for the very few within our society -those that reap the financial benefits? Are we  going to continue to be willing to resign our fate to the present “status quo” that is the capitalist business model – or are we willing to move peacefully on an individual basis – and a community level, to help implement a local system of cooperation;  social cooperation that will help to provide some very basic long term economic and social benefits for the many in our communities, rather than the present self – entitled few?

Getting  proactive within your community

Every member within our communities has within their grasp the ability to effect social change. Many people, possibly your friends or neighbours, have already moved to try and effect some positive changes within your community. But “effective social change” can only come about when a “movement” of people come together to reach for some defined common goals. So, to effect positive social change, a local movement has to address, on a collective scale, those social and economic conditions that can no longer be tolerated by the many. The social conditions that, by their very substance, cannot be ignored by individuals, their relatives, their friends, and their neighbours. This type of cooperation can only start in a community when individuals are willing to share their ideas and skills with each other for mutual and community benefits.  Social cooperation offers a “quiet solution” to the inequities of the present “business as usual” for the few, capitalist business model.

Organizing for change

There are many existing models around the world that show how this type of community cooperation can work for the benefit of all. Social cooperation is presently taking place all around the world and the good news is that you don’t have to “take to the streets” to start implementing this type of positive social change. This social change program of cooperation takes place between neighbours and friends within a community network of self help. This local cooperation model is the only real influence that individuals can exert on the existing political and financial structures that now dominate our world’s economies. Local cooperation helps to bring about positive social changes within our communities – it’s a time  proven concept worldwide – no need to reinvent the wheel here. Positive social change can be implemented locally and “quietly” within your own community. All that it will take is cooperation and committment.

Social change has got to come

What more proof do we need that our worldwide economies are being controlled,  manipulated and exploited, by monolithic business structures, individual megalomania, and an ever expanding cabal of corporate monopolies, monopolies that just have no intent of working for the social benefits of the many. This last two decades of a continued financial messes, and political confusion, around the world, should have shown us by now (the many), or at the least those who have been paying any attention to their personal finances for the last twenty years or so, that the “free enterprise” system should not in any way be presumed “free”. The recent dismal failures of many monolithic financial and business institutions throughout the world should be more than enough to expose the blatent self interest of those same institutions, and the “managers” who controlled them. These so called “managers” are the same people who helped to bring about colossal financial failures, while all the time filling their own pockets with money stolen from the world’s economies. This financial malfeasance, perpetrated by the few in the world, certainly did not provide any financial or social benefits for the many, did it?  I’ll let you decide that.  But for me, this present worldwide political and financial malaise is just yet another symptom of the failure of  “free enterprise” and “capitalism” to fulfill any beneficial financial and social promises to the many.  We cannot continue to let wars be only solution. DHL  4

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