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HELLO,                                                                                                              Posted online March 1, 2013

    This blog has been  created to show how non-profit cooperatives can help to effect positive social change within our local communities. To view the pages 1 thru 8,  as they were written, please click on the tools tab at the top of this  page                                                                                                                                                                          The sequence for viewing is as follows  –

Cooperation can help you to build wonders (landing page)   2) social change is possible   3) capitalism is broke – why fix it?  4)  change can come – self help can bring it  5)  free enterprise in not “free” for the many.  6)  self help involves local cooperation  7)  self help + cooperation + opportunity = social change.    


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I do hope that we can be of some assistance in helping you to implement some positive social changes within your own community.  Please feel free to explore the links to other informative sites.   DHL    PUSH


The introduction of any proposed social change within a community, should always be undertaken with the fore knowledge that our present geo political systems remain “rooted” in the past, and that the prevailing “status quo” in any community will always be “protected” from the import of any type of  aspired to social changes. Positive social change, depending upon the local perspective, can  certainly either evoke fear… or hope, within the social framework of any organized and formal social community.

We all like to think of ourselves as equal “stakeholders” in our communities and also within the social/political environment in which we live. But we are not equal stakeholders are we. Look around you, in your town, in your community, in your country, as individuals we are not equal. Social equality is a myth, a myth that is perpetuated by those who, due to their present financial circumstances, their stature within the community, their personal and political associations, even their claimed birthright, will always cling doggedly to a sense of  “entitlement” and also to a sense of their own “personal investment” in the community. Positive social change does not come easy. The few will always have a vested interest in maintaining the “status quo”. But our communities are made up of all the “stakeholders” (all of us), and social change will need to provide benefits to all. Positive social change can come about only through our local cooperation.

Change does not sit well with those who are content with a status quo.

As humans, we all have a compelling need for some personal accomplishment, family independence, and some ongoing physical and educational challenges. These “basics” have driven all positive social changes throughout our human history. All of us, as inhabitants of the earth, just by our presence here, have been given the inherent right to obtain a “fair” share of the bounty, and the natural “gifts”, that the earth’s wonders can offer us all. We have all been given the right to use our physical labours, our resourcefulness as a species, our human  gifts of ingenuity, and our personal learning capabilities, for the social and economic benefits of the many, rather than just a selected few.

By now, in 2013, it should be painfully clear to us, (the MANY), that a pre- selected few in the world continue dominating the geo -political marketplaces. It should also be obvious that the social, political, and the real financial  control, throughout the world, is not patterned after some loose “laissez faire” democratic monetary system. But rather that, whole world economies are being manipulated and controlled by the very few. This worldwide financial network, that presently exists for benefit of the few, cannot be denied by any of us any longer. By now, it should also be clear to us ( the many) that the present worldwide monetary and economic systems continue to be controlled in the name of  “capitalism” by a very well organized network of worldwide self interest groups – the few. These self interest groups have been structured throughout our human history.  The long term intent of these few groups,  individuals, and power brokers, is to continue to maintain their total control of worldwide money, and resource supplies,  using geo-politics, corporate corruption, and a deterioration of social hope, as the tools to help them to consolidate, maintain, and perpetuate,  the concentration of world financial and corporate power.

Free Enterprise?

These “free enterprise” capitalist groups have always been a very select and focused bunch. The present  world power base has always operated covertly. For centuries they have worked behind the scenes to ensnare whole countries, whole societies, the earth’s natural resources, individual humans, and even those people who have not yet been born on this planet, into a web of financial slavery, economic dependence, and a feeling of social helplessness.                                                   Why should we (the many) let this concentration of power, by the very few, continue their domination of world finances and the world’s natural resources? Can we ever, is it at all possible, to get ourselves, and our communities, out of the economic grasp of the very few? Where did the promises of, and the social concept of free enterprise for all, go so terribly  wrong?

Well obviously, nothing has really gone wrong here, especially not with the business concept of free enterprise – because, throughout our recent human history, “free enterprise” has really just meant –  business as usual for the few, those who remain in control  of the financial resources of the planet and also our food supply systems.  If you don’t agree with these social observations. That’s OK.

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