The importance of maintaining our community sustainability and independence, within this imposing economic system of a proposed “new world order”, can no longer be ignored. Social change, through our local cooperation, is really the only option that communities have to retain their autonomy and some form of independence within a worldwide marketplace. Positive social change, when it takes the form of social cooperation within the community, is the only viable social and economic platform that can help lead a community back on the road to independence and self sufficiency –  and also help to keep it there.  Here’s a question for you.  Should we the many, as individuals and paying members of our social communities, withstand the present economic system of worldwide financial and social “exploitation” by the few –  of the many, or are we willing to move past this present worldwide financial situation and embrace some positive social change that will recognize the basic needs of the many, over the extravagant needs of the few? All of us equally, just by our presence on this planet, have gained an inherent right to share (fairly) in the gifts of the earth – and also to help shape the type of communities that we want live within. How can we do that? Well, social change does not come easy. But with some local committment to volunteering, committment, and perserverence – social change can come – and with it will come many social benefits for the whole community. Social change will come, and in its wake will ride “transitions” to another level of human cooperation. Human history has shown us that we have the local tools to bring social change about –  its called local cooperation. People using self help, and local cooperation, can bring about some very basic and positive social changes to their community, and also their own personal lives.

Who’s really in control

Most of us by now are painfully aware the current economic “theories” that we are told were being modeled to provide a fair distribution of wealth to us all, using “capitalism” as an economic tool, are just not working out to well for the many of us, are they?  This capitalist economic theory of  “bigness and exploitation” that is imposed upon society by the few who are in control, just continues to concentrate the social and economic wealth of the world into the hands of those same very powerful few, millionaires, billionaires!  The more recent financial failures, within the capitalist business sectors, have only just served to magnify how lopsided the capitalist system is in favour of the few. Those very few who have self-appointed themselves as the keepers of the so called “free enterprise” system of economics that has been forced upon the world and  is now being  practiced in most parts of the world, (practiced is probably the key word here) It must be obvious to the many of us by now that the “trickle down” economic theory, that defines free enterprise, and the “capitalist” business model of “exploitation”, does not work well for the benefit of the many in our societies – but rather just for the few. We all have to realize, on an individual basis, and on a community level, that the real financial and political power in the world is not who and what we see on a daily basis at work or on TV, nor is it what is in any information that is provided to us through the media, that is also controlled by the few around the world –  the real worldwide economic control has always been orchestrated by a cabal of self-interest groups that, in common, hold their influence over the world’s money supplies (money from nothing?) and still continue to treat their economic power, and self interest, as their designated “entitlement”.

Can positive social change ever come?

The truth here is that the real political and financial power in the world, that has historically, and openly, exploited world populations is covert. This covert political and financial power base, remains in the hands of the same financial institutions, the same family dynasties, the same international business conglomerates, and the very same individuals, that have maintained this world power over the centuries. Do you find that fact strange?  In fact, these same families and organized groups, have been in control of world commerce ever since they introduced “money” as their own personal legal tender. This then is what has become the “inheritance” of the many – ” due to the onerous and usury money practices of the few, the many have become responsible to try and “bail out” a bankrupt monetary system, that is solely based on “capitalist” self interest and “exploitation”. Over the past two decades, capitalism, wherever it has trod and left its footprint in the world, has not been able to provide much social benefit for the many over the economic long term. In fact, just the opposite,  capitalism worldwide has just continued to prove that it is solely driven by greed, political corruption, and self-entitlement, with the “bounty” of free enterprise still going to the very few in our worldwide societies. Here’s another question for you.  Should we, as the responsible many on this planet, continue to be grateful for “our inheritance”? Or should we by now be ready to shout out “enough is enough”? Or are we just content to continue to be subjugated by the very few? Just so you know, positive social change is possible for the many, without the help of the few, and also without “taking to the streets” to bring change about.  All that positive social change will need is our local cooperation and a social commitment to help bring about  “sustainable” communities.  DHL  3

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