Are you still with me? 

Well, if you are still following, here’s a few more questions for you. Should we as individuals with friends, families, and neighbours within our communities, continue tolerating the existing worldwide economic conditions? Should we as individuals, continue on a local level help perpetuate, this continuing social and economic control of the world’s natural resources and finances, all for the benefit of the very few? Can we, as individuals, and without “taking to the streets”, help to initiate some positive social change within our local communities? Or maybe just help to initiate some positive changes that will provide equal social and economic benefits for the many rather than just the present few?Things like farmers taking  their products to the people rather than  some middle man, people having the availability of fresh food that wasn’t shipped halfway around the world to the middle man and treated to make the trip. You can probably think of more benefits

Change is Possible

What if that type of community opportunity was already in existence in the world today. The road less traveled so to speak. Would you be willing to help your community take that road? Would you be willing to step out of the line of the “exploited” and utter the phrase – enough is enough. If you are, then here’s the good news for you. There is a road to follow. The road is called social cooperation. More good news, the road to social cooperation works in a variety of different social and economic ways that all bring positive social change to communities without “taking to the streets”.  The road to follow is already here.

Let’s conclude shall we

So, can we come to the same conclusion here? When it comes to rampant and concentrated financial power throughout the world, as it is now, bigger has not yet shown to be better for the many. Capitalism, as it is now, transforming the economies of the world has not worked. In fact,  it is  now a broken and irrelevant social and economic concept. Capitalism, as it has evolved throughout the centuries, just does not represent the ideals of a truly democratic society, nor does it distribute wealth in a fair manner, but rather it just structures whole economies to provide benefits to the few, those few who have always taken their “rightful place” at the top of the world financial pyramid! Can the economic concept of capitalism ever be fixed so that it will represent the social and economic interests of the many, rather than just the present few? In other words, can this continuing exploitation of our planet by capitalism, ever bring a better quality of life for all the earth’s inhabitants, rather than just those “self appointed” few? Only we, our collective selves, as individuals within our chosen our communities, who, I am  sure, at this writing, all aspire to a better social and economic structure, than the one that we have now, can decide if positive social change is needed today. Because if  positive social change is possible for us at a local level, it should also be available for all of mankind to benefit from. Should it not? The plain truth is that, historically, all positive social change has come about because of the inspiration, and the long term dedication, of individuals willing to chase the simple ideal of a better world to live in.     DHL 7

LET”S GET BACK TO BASICS      – People using Self help for Social Change – PUSH 4socialchange

LINKS (information)       Click:     http://www.foodcoopinitiative.coop

Are you interested in helping out by becoming a volunteer in your commorunity? This opportunity to help PUSH for social change could be just what you have been waiting for! You can apply on line by visiting the following website.

 Click:     socialchangeinfo.wordpress.com  

Need more convincing?   Click here      http://www.pushfsc.wordpress.com

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